Agnieška – Vocals


Name, surname: Agnieška Volček
Year of birth: 1990
Musical background: ex-accordeonist
Instrument in the band: voice
Other instruments: accordeon, guitar
In the band from: 2013
Other bands/projects: tried lots of things…
Inspiration: right music in the right time
Favourite bands: .Nightwish, Huntress, Blues Pills
Favourite books: Richard Bach “Illusions”,  Joel Goebel “Torture the artist” 
Favourite movies: Trance, The Prestige, August Rush
Favourite drinks: water and Martini Asti
Favourite dish: fried vegetables
Favourite quote: Don’t take yourself seriously. No one else does!
Earn money from: money laundering
Hobbies (apart metal): explanations
Marital status: booked
Views: optimistic
Addictions and other maladies: Independent
Phobias: pesimism, selfishness, egoism
Silliest thing ever done: lots of them.. happily they all ended well :)
Most unpleasant moment on stage: there were no such
Best gig with Berserker: Melna Piektdiena in Riga, Latvia


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