Mažvydas – Guitar


Used gear

Name, surname: Mažvydas Vrubliauskas
Year of birth: 1990
Musical background: 0
Instrument in the band: guitar
Other instruments: Tube :)
In the band from: 2014
Other bands/projects: Aistvara
Inspiration: Sci-Fi books
Favourite bands: Wintersun , Turmion Kätilöt, Blues Pills
Favourite books: Andrzej Sapkowski “The Witcher Series”
Favourite movies: Clowd Atlas, Pirates of the Caribbean
Favourite drinks: water
Favourite dish: chinese chicken
Favourite quote: F*** it
Earn money from: PC
Hobbies(apart metal): PC and guitar
Marital status: booked
Views: look up “Favourite quote”
Addictions and other maladies: Youtube
Phobias: heights
Silliest thing you ever done: I cherish my silly things, but don’t have a favourite one
Most unpleasent moment on stage:  burned amp while on stage with Aistvara
Best gig with Berserker: “Šnekutis” bar in Vilnius


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