Kristina – keyboard


Used gear

Name, surname: Kristina Semionova
Year of birth: 1985-09-05
Musical background: Vilniaus B. Jonušo music school, grand piano
Instrument in the band: KORG keyboard
Other instruments: voice, piano, guitar
In the band from: 2015 04
Other bands/projects: solo concerts with own songs
Inspiration: I inspire myself
Favourite bands: Queen, Nightwish, Scorpions, Katie Melua, Ludovico Einaudi
Favourite books: authors Irvin D. Yalom, Paulo Coelho.
Favourite movies: One day, Friends, Transformers, now – Game of Thrones
Favourite drinks: all pure
Favourite dish: italian
Favourite quote: if you do it, do it good
Earn money from: white robe
Hobbies (apart metal): Berserker bassist, books, tango, bicycle
Marital status: married
Views: neutral, flexible
Addictions and other maladies: potato chips
Phobias: hight
Silliest thing ever done: hair shortening
Most unpleasant moment on stage: not reaching keyboard pedal
Best gig with Berserker: first gig, New Vilnia 2015

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